April 30, 2008

New Masonic Item Categories Added

It seems that a good many people go to the Masonic Memorabilia site looking for rings, other jewelry, or memorabilia related to a number of different allied and appendant bodies.

Additionally, because Masonic rings continue to be so popular, we have added further breakdowns of rings into the following categories, in order to make it easier for members of these bodies to find the exact Masonic or Masonic-related ring they want:

March 24, 2008

Masonic Rings: Scottish Rite, Knights Templar, and Eastern Star

In an attempt to help Masons more easily find the specific types of Masonic rings they might be looking for, several new categories have been added to Masonic Memorabilia:

Shriners rings can still be found most easily at the Shriners Memorabilia site.

March 12, 2008

Shriners Convention: Imperial in St. Louis '08

The Shriners will descend on St. Louis in force at the end of June this year, for the annual Shriners Convention, aka the 134th Imperial Council Session. Actually, there are many Shriners conventions across North America throughout the year, but only one rates a capital "C" in Convention -- the annual Imperial Council Session. The Big One. In the eyes of many, the Only One.

When I worked for the Shriners, I attended a few Imperial Council Sessions, and one of them was in St. Louis in 1997. Being part of the Shrine's Imperial Council Session is an experience never to be forgotten -- but I have to confess, some of the details can get a little blurry.

I think the Session in St. Louis was the one where a colleague and I walked through a fountain on our way back to the hotel one night, after enjoying too many Goldschlagers. The next morning, I called my colleague to ask if he had any aspirin, and he asked me if I had any idea why his shoes were soaking wet. Or maybe that was at the Session in Indianapolis. As I said, the details can get a little blurry.

Shriners and their Ladies who attend the Imperial Session in St. Louis might be interested in a St. Louis '08 golf shirt or Session tote bag. We also have Session boxer shorts, baseball caps, men's and women's t-shirts and more.

Shrine Temples, Units, Clubs, Shrine Associations, and other groups might be interested in ordering a supply of Session Buttons or Session Bumper Stickers for the whole group.

A wide assortment of general Shrine merchandise can be found at Shriners Memorabilia.

For more information about the 2008 Imperial Council Session, visit the Official Moolah Shriners 2008 Session web site.

Ray Stevens always makes me laugh with his "Shriners Convention":

February 2, 2008

Masonic Exonumia

There's a lot of Masonic exonumia available for sale on Masonic Memorabilia.

No, that's not a dirty word. It's not anti-Masonic, and it's not some sort of wild conspiracy theory revolving around the Bilderburgers or the Illuminati, either.

Exonumia refers to studying or collecting coin-like objects -- tokens, medallions, coin-like souvenirs, elongated coins, wooden nickels, and the like. A person who collects exonumia is an exonumist.

In the Masonic Coins and Medals section of Masonic Memorabilia, the exonumia enthusiast or collector will find Masonic pennies, elongated Masonic pennies, Masonic medallions, such as one from a 1965 dedication of a Masonic Lodge in California, and even silver bars with the Masonic symbol engraved on them.

1864 MASONIC PENNY  INSCRIBED  NOV 14 1916There are many antique Masonic pennies, coins and tokens, including a very interesting looking Masonic token dating from 1864 and imprinted "Cambridge Royal Arch Chapter," which of course is part of the Knights Templar, one of the bodies Masonic can join after achieving the 3rd degree in the Blue Lodge.

A few definitions, in case you're interested:

A piece, usually metal, issued by a government to serve as legal tender. Coins are not exonumia.

A piece issued by non-governmental bodies or entities with an exchange value or a denomination, either explicit or implied. Tokens are meant to be used for certain type s of commercial exchanges, such as subway tokens, for example

Usually circular or round, issued as a souvenir or for artistic purposes and not to be used for commerce.

A medal larger than 15 centimeters across.

Elongated coin:
An official governmental coin, run through a pressing device to change its shape, and generally used as a souvenir.

A governmental coin stamped with letters or symbols, to serve as a souvenir.

There are many other types of exonumia, but these are the primary and best-known ones. It's astonishing how much Masonic exonumia is out there.

January 27, 2008

Shriners Memorabilia

Shriners Memorabilia
The Masonic Memorabilia site has proved to be quite popular. Many Masons have visited the site to find Masonic rings, tie pins, badges, wallets, and other Masonic items.

The site logs show that many Shriners have been visiting the site specifically looking for Shrine rings, fezzes, and other Shrine-related products. So I have created a new site, Shriners Memorabilia, which presents only products that are Shrine-specific, so that Shriners don't have to go hunting through all the Masonic stuff to find the Shrine merchandise.

January 14, 2008

Order of the Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star (OES) is a fraternal organization to which both men and women may belong. Men must be Masons to be eligible for membership, and women must be related to a Mason (e.g., wife, mother, daughter, widow, and certain other family relationships).

Eastern Star has its own governing body, separate from that of Masonry, but its members subscribe generally to the Masonic tenets of good citizenship and morality.

As a separate body, OES has its own symbols and graphics, as well, and members can wear Eastern Star rings and other jewelry to reflect their membership in the Eastern Star.