January 27, 2008

Shriners Memorabilia

Shriners Memorabilia
The Masonic Memorabilia site has proved to be quite popular. Many Masons have visited the site to find Masonic rings, tie pins, badges, wallets, and other Masonic items.

The site logs show that many Shriners have been visiting the site specifically looking for Shrine rings, fezzes, and other Shrine-related products. So I have created a new site, Shriners Memorabilia, which presents only products that are Shrine-specific, so that Shriners don't have to go hunting through all the Masonic stuff to find the Shrine merchandise.

January 14, 2008

Order of the Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star (OES) is a fraternal organization to which both men and women may belong. Men must be Masons to be eligible for membership, and women must be related to a Mason (e.g., wife, mother, daughter, widow, and certain other family relationships).

Eastern Star has its own governing body, separate from that of Masonry, but its members subscribe generally to the Masonic tenets of good citizenship and morality.

As a separate body, OES has its own symbols and graphics, as well, and members can wear Eastern Star rings and other jewelry to reflect their membership in the Eastern Star.

January 13, 2008

Masonic Watches

Today on Masonic Memorabilia there are quite a few very nice, elegant Masonic watches, including Masonic wristwatches and Masonic pocket watches.

In particular, there is an interesting 3-sided antique Masonic pocket watch from about 1930, in a white gold case with Masonic emblems on the face of the dial.

There is also a Past Masters antique Masonic pocket watch from 1937, with an emblem on the back bearing a Past Master notation and the name of the Abou Ben Adhem Shrine Temple.

January 11, 2008

Masonic Patches and A Past Master's Ring

Masonic Past Master's Ring
Masonic Past Master's Ring

While Masonic rings will probably always be the most popular Masonic item among Freemasons, many Masons might be interested in other Masonic merchandise if they only knew it existed.

There's a batch of police-related Masonic patches appearing for sale right now: A Washington State Police Masonic patch, an LAPD Masonic patch, a New Hampshire State Police Masonic patch, and a New Mexico State Police AF&AM patch, among others. How did the Masons manage to get state police patches made especially for Masonry?

For the traditionalists, Masonic rings are plentiful, though, and there's a beautiful Past Master Masonic ring list in the Handcrafted Masonic Jewelry section of Masonic Memorabilia.

January 8, 2008

Masonic Zippos?

Can you believe there are Masonic Zippo lighters? I know that there has been a lot of Masonic merchandise produced over the years -- but who'd a thunk it?

Also Masonic cigarette cases, Masonic ashtrays, and even Masonic cigar bands.

Mid-19th Century Masonic Newspaper

In the Masonic Postcards & Documents section of Masonic Memorabilia this week, there is listed for sale a Masonic newspaper, the Masonic Mirror, dated June 30, 1852. The subtitle on the masthead reads, "Devoted To The Diffusion Of Masonic Intelligence, Literature, The Fine Arts, News, Etc."

What a wonderful find! Any Mason interested in Masonic history would probably find this paper fascinating.

The Shriners Fez

The Shriners are sort of a sub-set of the Masons. In order to become a Shriner, one must first be a Mason -- but the Shriners operate independently of the Masons and have their own governing body, the Imperial Council.

The Shriners have a whole 'nother set of logos and graphics, including the Sword & Crescent, which constitutes the official logo of the Shriners, and the widely recognized Shriners Fez, which is the "official headgear" of the organization.

There's a somewhat amusing collection of Shriners Fez items for sale on eBay. There are, as might be expected, regular garden-variety Shrine Fezzes that can be bought or bid on. But in addition, there is a fez-shaped Ezra Brooks decanter, a set of Shriner Fez pendants and charms, a Michelob Shriners Fez (complete with tassle), a rhinestone-studded fez pin, and even a very old (dare I say antique?) 32nd Degree Mason's Hat.

How about a coin bank in the shape of a fez-wearing dog? Or a teddy bear wearing a fez studded with Swarovski crystals? Fez lapel pins, fez earrings, and fez iron-on patches...... You can find it all on eBay!

January 7, 2008

Masonic Rings

MASONS MASONIC RHODIUM PLATE MEN RING WHOLESALE JEWELRYWhile many types of Masonic jewelry are popular among members of Freemasonry, Masonic rings may be the all-time favorite. Unlike Masonic cufflinks or tie tacks, which are generally only worn with suits, a Masonic ring can be worn with any type of clothing and is nearly always appropriate in any social setting.

Men who wish to wear a Masonic ring have their choice of gold Masonic rings, silver Masonic rings, and diamond Masonic rings -- all available for Master Masons, 32nd degree Scottish Rite Masons, and Knights Templar York Rite Masons.

A quality Masonic ring is a subtle but effective way for a man to declare his status as a member of the brotherhood of Freemasonry and to show his pride in that membership. For the Mason with a sense of history, there are beautiful antique Masonic rings, and the Mason with a limited budget has a wide choice of affordable 10k new and used Masonic rings.

January 6, 2008

Antique Knights Templar Sword

Masonic Sword Freemasonry St.  John Templar Knights

Today Masonic Memorabilia is showing a listing for a beautiful antique Knights Templar sword and scabbard. This Civil War-era sword, made in the early 1860s, has an ivory grip featuring the Maltese Cross of the Knights Templar of the York Rite, a branch of Freemasonry.

This Masonic Knights Templar sword is part of a collection of Civil War era Masonic items that are being listed on eBay this week. Check out the listings at Masonic Memorabilia to see more of these rare and valuable antique Masonic items.

January 5, 2008

The Vast and Dizzying Array of Masonic and Shrine Memorabilia

I've recently launched a new website that gathers, organizes and displays the vast and dizzying collection of Freemasonry, Scottish Rite, York Rite, and Shrine memorabilia and collectibles available on eBay. Masonic Memorabilia does a good job organizing and presenting the Masonic and Shrine items available from dozens of different eBay categorie.

Do you need a 14k gold Masonic ring or lapel pin? How about a necktie with the Square and Compass of Freemasonry emblazoned on it? All the usual suspects are there: Masonic hats, cufflinks, belt buckles, polo shirts, license plates.....

But there are some surprisingly interesting and unusual items, as well. For example, a historically valuable handwritten document dating from 1792 authorizing the initiation of a new Lodge member. What makes this document of particularly significant historical interest is that it is signed by John Marshall of the Supreme Court. John Marshall was himself a Mason, and at the age of 38 became the youngest Grand Master, before going on to serve as the 4th Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court. Until the auction ends, this document can be seen in the Masonic Autographs & Documents section of Masonic Memorabilia, or can be viewed at eBay directly.

In addition to the usual and expected things such as Masonic watches and pins, there are some stunningly beautiful and detailed handcrafted Masonic jewelry -- currently most of the items are of silver, but gold jewelry can be found as well.