March 24, 2008

Masonic Rings: Scottish Rite, Knights Templar, and Eastern Star

In an attempt to help Masons more easily find the specific types of Masonic rings they might be looking for, several new categories have been added to Masonic Memorabilia:

Shriners rings can still be found most easily at the Shriners Memorabilia site.

March 12, 2008

Shriners Convention: Imperial in St. Louis '08

The Shriners will descend on St. Louis in force at the end of June this year, for the annual Shriners Convention, aka the 134th Imperial Council Session. Actually, there are many Shriners conventions across North America throughout the year, but only one rates a capital "C" in Convention -- the annual Imperial Council Session. The Big One. In the eyes of many, the Only One.

When I worked for the Shriners, I attended a few Imperial Council Sessions, and one of them was in St. Louis in 1997. Being part of the Shrine's Imperial Council Session is an experience never to be forgotten -- but I have to confess, some of the details can get a little blurry.

I think the Session in St. Louis was the one where a colleague and I walked through a fountain on our way back to the hotel one night, after enjoying too many Goldschlagers. The next morning, I called my colleague to ask if he had any aspirin, and he asked me if I had any idea why his shoes were soaking wet. Or maybe that was at the Session in Indianapolis. As I said, the details can get a little blurry.

Shriners and their Ladies who attend the Imperial Session in St. Louis might be interested in a St. Louis '08 golf shirt or Session tote bag. We also have Session boxer shorts, baseball caps, men's and women's t-shirts and more.

Shrine Temples, Units, Clubs, Shrine Associations, and other groups might be interested in ordering a supply of Session Buttons or Session Bumper Stickers for the whole group.

A wide assortment of general Shrine merchandise can be found at Shriners Memorabilia.

For more information about the 2008 Imperial Council Session, visit the Official Moolah Shriners 2008 Session web site.

Ray Stevens always makes me laugh with his "Shriners Convention":