January 8, 2008

The Shriners Fez

The Shriners are sort of a sub-set of the Masons. In order to become a Shriner, one must first be a Mason -- but the Shriners operate independently of the Masons and have their own governing body, the Imperial Council.

The Shriners have a whole 'nother set of logos and graphics, including the Sword & Crescent, which constitutes the official logo of the Shriners, and the widely recognized Shriners Fez, which is the "official headgear" of the organization.

There's a somewhat amusing collection of Shriners Fez items for sale on eBay. There are, as might be expected, regular garden-variety Shrine Fezzes that can be bought or bid on. But in addition, there is a fez-shaped Ezra Brooks decanter, a set of Shriner Fez pendants and charms, a Michelob Shriners Fez (complete with tassle), a rhinestone-studded fez pin, and even a very old (dare I say antique?) 32nd Degree Mason's Hat.

How about a coin bank in the shape of a fez-wearing dog? Or a teddy bear wearing a fez studded with Swarovski crystals? Fez lapel pins, fez earrings, and fez iron-on patches...... You can find it all on eBay!

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